Continual Activation Theory

by Theta International

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Steven Jerome - Bass
Shane Gillis - Guitar, Vocals, and Drum Programming
David McClelland - Lead Guitar

*Kevin Hufnagel - Lead Guitar on Sons of Hydra


released February 13, 2020

Music by Shane Gillis and Steven Jerome
Lyrics by Steven Jerome
Recorded by the band
Mastered by Tyson Platt
Cover by Shane Gillis


all rights reserved



Theta International Montgomery, Alabama

Black Metal from Alabama, China, and New York.

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Track Name: Parasomnia
I used to wake at night and wander room to room
Physical dimensions seemed all wrong, my universe subsumed

Hypnagogic hallucinations
Somnambulism, night terrors

High was far too high, felt like miles above
Where a normal human child could conceive of
Those weirdly amplified sounds about my home
Senses heightened beyond my comfort, vision monochrome

My dear nightmares, you cause me to write
I fear the way you flow and juxtapose,
Your involuntary flood of ghastly sights,
Always giving me those haunting shows

Do you really come from memory?
You are far more cruel and frightening
Narratives built from input sensory,
Are you merely trite or enlight’ning?

Can I compare you to a freaky larch?
You are far more troublesome and odd
Feared clouds dull the creaky flowers of March,
And the nighttime is extrinsic fraud
Track Name: The Night Room
The hour was late, light seen without
Beneath the room’s door, tension throughout
He was cross and burnt
Peace was in drought
I watched him pace. I cried “look out!”

He gives his fists a shake
And screams I've made a bad mistake

The only other sound's the awful break
of distant waves and birds, awake
The room is familiar, dark and deep
But he has promises to keep

Tormented with nightmares, he never sleeps
Revenge is a promise a man should keep
He rises from his cursed bed,
with thoughts of violence in his head
A flash of rage and he sees red
Without a pause I turned and fled
Track Name: Sons of Hydra
Emerald swarms are sliding
Sons of Hydra gliding
Ceaselessly dividing
Upon the earth abiding

You can’t stop them
When you stomp them
You just clone them
Like a planarian

Endless creeping serpents - nature off the rails
Greenish seething nightmare - moving both night and day
Hydra’s sliding army - billions void of worth
Smothering creation - smashing, crushing all the earth

They tell me they’re symbols of fertility
But what I see is an exercise in futility
Their inexorable, empty non-utility
Surely snuffs out all their validity
Track Name: Unrealized Horrors
A placid blue screen, a dire warning of horror
Earnest female voice, yet choosing to ignore her
The slim ibex moon offers no useful light
The abandoned easement fading into endless night

Something is there, unseen to the left
Its presence keenly felt but still indirect
Is it flesh or spirit? Matter or energy?
Imagination or imminent jeopardy

Eyes straining feebly in the murky dark
Unable to discern the slightest landmark
Violent, murderous events surely await
Feelings of dread and alarm accumulate

Seeming hours pass as we travel forward
Never nearing a single peaceful border
Unknowable horrors continue to menace
This silent nightmare’s sinister premise

Are its eyes upon us?
Track Name: The Wolves
And then it was 2 in the morning
Like a shot they came without warning
A double phalanx on both sides forming
The wind blew strong as the sky began storming
Yeah, for us it was greatly alarming
And yet there was no anger or harming
Their gleaming golden eyes were searing and burning
Our car sped forward and their lines were not turning

The wolves the wolves
Stewards of the night
Know not fear
The wolves the wolves
Stewards of the night
Shield us here / disappear

Something unknown was slowly shewing
Fear and terror were quickly accruing
The wolves’ true purpose wasn’t pursuing
They meant to protect us there was no misconstruing
That fiendish presence it was nearing
In the rearview mirror we could see it appearing
Lacking a face yet was leering and sneering
Our convoy stayed close and kept us from fearing
Track Name: I Don't Need You
A perfect rounded glade, an idyllic forest
Cloudless azure sky, the sun almost at zenith
The five-story spire held a polished stone platform
With twelve innocents facing false accusations

Ignorant annoyance at perceived betrayal
Uneasy laughter cannot hide their mounting fear
Malfeasance, corruption, transgression, villainy
Believing my own lies, my gross self-delusion

The time arrived, I chose my target
Stepping forward, I steeled myself

One by one, I sent them to their fates
They caused it, they earned it
They bought it, they paid
Convinced of the right course of action
It was all them, I’d done nothing wrong

Sources of pain, eliminated
Tranquility, composure, solitude
Isolation, loneliness, desolation
Abandonment, desertion
Emptiness, and pain

You can’t blame others
For your own misjudgements
I’ve made mistakes
But nothing quite like this

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